About me

Following a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I got a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology. What I enjoyed the most during my studies was a better understanding of the human mind and behaviour and having the opportunity to share this knowledge with others. All of this to improve the daily lives of people who are suffering, often in silence.

Afterwards I worked as a social worker. My main task was to assist families and to help them to recreate bonds between their members. During this time, I learned how to work on family dynamic in group or in one-on-one.

Then I worked as a psychologist, short- term guidance, for people with or without clinical disorder. The goal was to help them to be able to move forwards and to get back a sense of control on their daily lives. To find more about psychology click here.

It is through ongoing training that I also became hypnotherapist. Through my experience I have noticed that hypnosis is a powerful yet easy tool to solve numbers of issues. To find more about hypnosis click here .

Psychologist FSP
Ericksonian hypnotherapist


  • Introduction to EMDR
  • Burn-Out: screening, assessment and treatment
  • Hypnosis and Health: hypnosis for well-being
  • Introduction to French sign language
  • Ericksonian hypnotherapist
  • Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Master of Science in Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Experiences (jobs and internship)

  • Psychologist work with the OAI and the SPAS
  • Child protection worker
  • Social worker, field of child protection (internship)
  • Psychologist in the field of addictions (internship)
  • Observational internship in the field of perinatal bereavement


  • Swiss Psychologist Association (FSP)
  • Vaud Psychologist Association (AVP)