Psychologie et Hypnothérapie - Psychology and Hypnotherapy

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Psychological guidance

"Have you noticed that every blade of grass is a different green?"

Milton Erickson

And it is on that precise variation of colours that psychology intends to work on. Acknowledging we are unique, psychology brings together our similarities while prospecting our differences.

Besides better understanding of the human mind, psychology’s main goal is to lead people toward greater well-being, while walking on an unknow path that leads to a better self-understanding in an empathic setting.

Psychological counselling is an easy and comfortable way to reach global and specific changes and a safety and caring space of their own.  Psychological guidance also offers tools for different issues such as the stress and dealing with changes, emotions. Psychological guidance can help you to improve your life quality, sometimes it will be answering psychological questions for you and/or relatives.

Who has never heard or said "Why can't I do it by myself? Why am I in trouble? ». SECO currently estimates that 18% of the swiss population suffers from average to severe psychological distress. While only 9% of the population get treatment for psychological illness there is still a large part of the 18%  who do not receive the help they need.

It means you are not the only person who have issues dealing with psychological difficulties. Sadly, the shyness that often comes with the procedure of seeking for help is very common. Yet a psychological support would give you a chance to reach a greater well-being, self understanding and to work on your issues in the hope to learn how to act with kindness toward yourself.

Psychological support can be helpful if you or a relative are suffering from a clinical disorder. You can also contact me if you encounter problems managing certain aspects of your life, problems related to your personal and/or professional life, or for personal development work.  The psychological counselling will use tools from the different approaches as well as hypnosis if you choose so.