Psychologie et Hypnothérapie - Psychology and Hypnotherapy

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Covid-19 crisis, Coronavirus

We are currently facing an exceptional situation, with the containment being respected by a large majority of Swiss people in order to control the crisis. While it is important to respect health regulations, it is also important to take care of one's mental health.

Indeed, during this type of event some people may encounter the following problems

  • Social isolation,
  • anxiety, high level of stress,
  • difficulties in continuing their professional activity,
  • sadness,
  • sleep disturbances.

In essential sectors, such as food shops and care providers, your profession is often carried out under complex working conditions (overtime, increased workload, stress, etc.) In addition, there is an overload of work for working parents who have to teach their children in addition to their work and domestic tasks.  People who are confined can develop symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, related to loneliness and the changes in their daily lives. Whether you are a personal caregiver or essential to the proper functioning, a working parent, teaching their children or simply a confined person in difficulty, I offer you a safe place to talk and the tools to live this situation as well as possible.

To do this I offer hypnosis, relaxation sessions or psychological advice to help you cope with your difficulties. The sessions can be done by telephone or by videoconference at your convenience, they can take place between 11am and 9pm (last session at 8pm) and average duration of 1 hour.

For all practical information I refer you to the tabs "Contact" and "FAQ"